Silver Design Brief
The roll out of your Silver Design service includes the following steps:   
  1. A phone call between you and the designer may be arranged, if necessary, once your brief is received.       
  2. You will receive a design mockup presenting the future ambiance proposed for your site.     
  3. You will then have an opportunity to provide your feedback and request modifications (colour or image changes, etc.). Please note that this is the only stage to request design modifications.
  4. Once we have your validation, your design will be integrated into your site, and activated in order to test it on all internet browsers. 

Your site name *
This is the name you use to sign in to your back office.
If this name is incorrect, we will not receive your brief and cannot start working on your services.
2 A Few Silver Design Examples
You can provide up to three colours to use in your design.
This can be a simple description, 'light blue' for example, or specific colour references such as hexadecimal or pantone codes.
Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
Please send us all graphic elements you want to use in the design of your site (images, photos, diverse visuals, examples, etc.).
Your logo:
If you don't have a logo, your site name:
Other images: Images between 980px and 1920px wide.
From a legal standpoint, it is essential that you are authorised to use the images that you provide for display on your website.

This means:
- the images belong to you (images you have purchased or taken yourself)
- or the you purchased the right to use the images

Below is a non-exhaustive list of stock image sites where you can find royalty-free images:
The more pertinent the information and resources you provide in this brief, the more able we are to create a design in phase with your expectations.
Your slogan:
Phone number to display in the header: (Recommended)
Do you have any sales or competitive advantages to highlight for your visitors?
For example: Free shipping, excellent customer service, quality products, guarantees.
Reassurance Elements
Reassure your visitors by displaying the payment methods you accept, your delivery options and your direct contact details.
Your secure payment methods Your delivery options
Phone number and business hours Business email
Social media used for your business Other
(Ex: Guarantee, quality, customer reviews, newsletter sign-up, returns up to14 days, etc.)
Getting to Know You
Tell us about your business or industry:
Describe your activity / business sector and the products or services you provide.
This information is very important for your designer to be able to give the right look and feel to your design.
Who are your 2 main competitors?
This will allow us to understand the design codes used and avoid any similarities.
Do you already have a website?
Who is your target audience?
Please give us simple indicators: age, income, past times. This will help us correctly identify and target your buyers.
What are your values? What message do you want to get across?
What should the visitor be thinking when they land on the site?
What are your design expectations? Please give us any specific instructions you may have.
If you are experiencing problems filling out this brief, you can request a call back from our design coordinator.
In order to book this call, please send a request through the menu 'Support > Technical Support > New Question' in the back office.