Gold Homepage Briefing
The creation of a Gold homepage goes as follows:
1. Gathering your information through the below form.
2. Creating a mockup (non-clickable) in order to give you an idea of your website's future look.
3. You will then have the possibility to communicate your feedback and, if needed, the modifications you'd like to see on the mockup.
4. After receiving your validation, the mockup will be integrated to your website.
5. Lastly, your custom page will be delivered and, on demand, activated on your Oxatis website.
1Your Oxatis ID
This is the ID you use to sign in to your backoffice.

If this ID is incorrect, we will not receive your brief and cannot start working on your services.
Where can I find this ID?
It shows in the website's URL before the domain name ""
2Top of the page

This is where a user will land when entering your website. It is therefore important in terms of catching attention and enticing clicks.

We recommend having a single wide image in this area, but the use of a slider is possible.
So you can upload more than one picture, which will be used by your designer (in a slider or elsewhere on the page) according to their recommendations.

Your pictures must have the following characteristics:
- Good quality and large format 
- At least 1920px wide
- In a landscape format 
i.e. the display area is oriented horizontally.
Example of a homepage banner
Banner image
This big image will be placed at the top and forefront of your homepage.
It will be the first visual element encountered by a visitor of your website.
Image 1 (mandatory)
Catch phrase
E.g. "Have a look at our brand new collection..."
Button wording
E.g. "Shop", "More details"...
Linked URL (optional)
What page should the button lead to?
Image 2 (optional)
Catch phrase
Button wording
Linked URL (optional)
Image 3 (optional)
Catch phrase
Button wording
Linked URL (optional)
3Page Title

This is an important element for your search engine optimisation, and will show on your mockup (see page structure).

If you don't have a title in mind at the moment, your designer will include in the mockup a temporary one in accordance with your project.

Title of your page
Title example
4Product/category section

This section will be used to display the catalogue's categories and products of your choosing.

Please attach the relevant pictures below.

If you don't have pictures of this kind yet, you can find some on free stock image websites such as

Like the rest of your content, you will be able to change these images at will after installation.

Recommended dimensions : 500x500px

Your categories

Note : If you don't have a name or image for a category, your designer will include a mock text and image.

Examples of category pictures:
Category 1
Category picture
Category 2
Category picture
Category 3
Category picture
Your product pictures
Examples of product pictures
Please upload your product pictures below:
Example of a category and product section
5Information section

This section allows you to promote an aspect of your company, or a specificity that sets you apart from competitors.

For example you could promote:

- A product, a discount

- A business activity

- Company news

- Company history

For this, please provide us with an image along with a title and description.
Information title
Image to illustrate this information
Example of an information section
6Social media section

These icons will allow you to redirect users to your different social media pages, thereby increasing interactions on these different platforms.

Please give us, for each social media platform, the link to your page.

I'd like my Instagram posts to be displayed directly on my website's homepage thanks to the lighwidget app Lightwidget
This app allows you to display your Instagram posts in the form of a customisable grid 
More on this...
and I am aware of the fact that this app will cost an additional subscription to my current services.
Other social media (if needed)
Example of a social media section
7Your trust elements

These elements will be included to make your website appear more trustworthy and credible to future customers.

Secure payment
Delivery options
Phone number and opening times
Email address
Other trust element (if needed)
I would like to invite users to sign up to my mailing list.
Example of trust elements
8Your comments and instructions

Reference websites (websites that you like and wish for our designers to take inspiration from)

Reference website 1
Reference website 2
Reference website 3

Any comments? Please use this text box to give any information or instructions about your graphic expectations.

I would like my homepage activated on the website directly after integration Integration
Act of installing the mockup on the website as a functional web page

If you have trouble filling out this brief, a member of our design studio can get back to you in this regard.

For this you simply have to make this request via the support mailbox.