Gold Product Page Brief
This form allows you to send us all the information we need to create your Gold Product Page.
The customisation of the Gold Product Page includes the following:
  1. The integration of 3 professional images to reassure your visitors. We will insert a link on each of these images pointing to a page that will open in a "light-box". This allows the visitor to see your payment, delivery and contact information without distracting them from the checkout process.
  2. Creation of product details section in 3 tab layout for product specifications
  3. The integration of social media sharing links so your visitors can share your products in their favourite social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.
  4. A design focus on making the "add to cart" button stand out, so that it is obvious where you need to click on the page to add the product to your basket.
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2 A Few Gold Product Page Examples
URLs: Payment / Delivery / Contact
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When clicked on, we will display these pages in pop-up form directly in your product pages.
This way, your visitors will have access to all the information they are looking for without distracting them from the checkout process!
Page describing your supported payment methods:
Page describing your delivery methods:
Page displaying your contact information (or a contact form):
Reassurance Zone
Reassure your visitors by displaying the payment methods accepted on your site, your delivery information and contact details.
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